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PT. MBO Villas operates in Indonesia as an independant corporate entity and is a registered tax paying company. Our villas are fully legal and licensed accordingly per local law requirements.

DISCLAIMER: We are in no way whatsoever associated with the PT. BALI company and more specifically the complex manager, Mr. Barry Bellefontaine. Enough said on that …

We chose the name PT. MBO (Melati Bali Ombak translates to Jasmine Bali Wave) to conform with Indonesian law for company name registration. Coincidentally MBO also stands for “Managed By Owners” as it is our vision that people will prefer to deal directly with owners vs. third party management. We found the URL available for sale online and thought it was the best fit for us moving forward as this is where we will focus and continue to grow our business.

Please note: We are the owners of, undeniably, the two nicest 2 bedroom villas in Sanur’s Bali Emerald Villas complex. We can assure you that you will be getting the best pricing possible (at time of booking) for the villas that you see on our website. We can also assure you that the villa you reserve will be the villa that you check into upon arrival. No excuses !!! We want your first time business, your return business and your friends and associates’ business.

We would also like to welcome Mr. John Du Bois, a fellow villa owner, to our group. His 3-BR, Emerald B-12 villa, recently renamed Villa Ramayana, is second to none in the complex and certainly exceeds the high standards we are setting for membership with the MBO team. His web page on our site is currently under construction but currently available for viewing as a work in progress.

We have all invested substantially to raise the standards in our villas as we want to offer our guests the best accommodation value for the best pricing. Quite reasonable, don’t you think? We are running our own show now and looking forward to developing many long term relationships with our clients and new friends.

Thank you.

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